The epic adventure saga is finally available for your iPad!

  • Now Available - Lead your exiled viking heroes to the highest peak of a mountain to use the magic portal back to Valhalla. But first you have to: survive!

  • Now Available - Unique mix of a rouge like RPG, a train simulator and real-time tactics in the Wild West. Gather your crew, build your train and trade goods and cargo all across the USA.

  • Experience a new beautiful Adventure where you will uncover many mysteries about Noah, his sister and the dreamworld Silence.


    AER puts players in the shoes of Auk, a pilgrim girl, to explore an unbelievable open world beneath her feet and wings. Wings? Yes, indeed!

  • England, 1871: A sleepy seaside town – once venue of a legendary world exhibition – is kept in suspense by a bizarre series of murders.

  • Classic point & click adventure gameplay, a good deal of black humor and a fantastic story set in a beautifully dark fairy-tale world; the game's designer Dane Krams managed to cook all this into a whimsical adventure-experience of the finest kind.