Bounty Train

Bounty Train

Release: 2015/08/25

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Platform: PC, MAC
Genre: Railroad-Survival-Simulation
Developer: Corbie Games
Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
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Bounty Train

Explore the dangerous life of the US 19th century, packed with historical events and inventions of this era.

The developers from Corbie Games are about to bring the hard times of steamy railroads into a railroad-survival-simulation experience. Assemble your train, gather your crew and explore America. Drive from coast to coast, but only if you upgrade your locomotives, fight the bosses and solve the quests you are able to make it there alive.



  • Assemble and control a real-life steam train
  • Gather, manage and control a crew
  • Overcome road difficulties - chases, ambushes, lack of time and coal and train malfunctions 
  • Explore America (the US 1860-1868), visit real cities, trade goods and deliver cargo
  • Thrilling non-linear storyline - find your family and save Native Americans from relocation
  • Select from four major playable factions - change allegiances as you play
  • Encounter real historical events and inventions which affect gameplay