Release: 2012/04/27

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Platform: PC, MAC
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Amanita Design
Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
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Daedalic Entertainment presents Botanicula, the new adventure by Amanita Design – the makers of the award-winning Point & Click-Adventures Machinarium and Samorost 1&2.

Botanicula tells the story of five little tree-creatures who set out to save the last seed of their home-tree from aggressive parasites. On their journey, they have to solve tricky riddles and problems with the aid of many friends. But the evil parasites want something else: They want to destroy the natural balance of the tree. Will the five little heroes save the seed in time before the parasites can catch up to them?
To tell a marvellous story without any words - that is the speciality of Jará Plachý and Amanita Design. In the magical plant world of Botanicula every being has its own individual talents. Only by combining their special characteristics, the heroes can overcome the tricky obstacles in their way.
In over 150 scenes players are able to interact with almost every object in this truly revolutionary designed “Point & Click“-Adventure. Atmospheric music by the Czech Band DVA rounds off the adventurous journey into the fantastic plant world. Even before its release, Botanicula was honoured with the Independent Games Award in the category "Excellence in Audio".


  • By the creators of Machinarium, produced by the creators of “Harveys New Eyes” and “Deponia”
  • Explore hundreds of handdrawn backgrounds in a huge treeworld, enriched with countless charming animations
  • Discover mysterious places and strange tree-creatures
  • Enjoy an atmospheric soundtrack, composed by the Indie-Band DVA